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A Prayer In Times of Trouble

positive thoughts started this conversation
Hello, My mother had passed away last year in August. She had a strong belief in the power of prayer just as I do. While going through her things at the time I had come across a prayer book that she had. I would like to share one of those prayers. It brings me great comfort. written by Gary Wilde and Margaret Anne Huffman

O Lord, hear my prayer for all who are in trouble this day.

Comfort those who are:
facing the loss of a loved one. After the wrenching grief, let their lonely hours be filled with fond memories of days gone by;
passing their days without work. During this time of financial stress, give them energy to make their employment the job of finding new work.

Encourage those who are:
finding it difficult to believe in the future. Let your hope fill their hearts as they recall all your past faithfulness;
doubting the truth of your existence or the validity of your promises. Bring wise friends into their lives who have long known the reality of your love;
struggling to make ends meet. Let them be assured that you can take care of every need, no matter how large or small.

Heal those who are:
suffering pain and illness. Let them find rest and calm as they seek to make the idle moments pass more quickly;
racked in mind and stressed out emotionally.
Cradle their minds in your love and soothe every irrational thought that seeks to run out of control.

Uphold those who are:
being tempted in any way today. Especially those who may want to end their lives. Show them that while there is life there is hope, that change is the only constant, and that change for the better is so likely;
looking at all the negative aspects of life and finding it depressing. May they find joy in just one moment at a time. And may that be enough for now.

In all these ways I ask your blessing upon those in trouble. And please include me in that blessing, too!
Thankyou Lord Jesus for hearing our prayers and answering them all. Amen.
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aclt   in reply to Elaine of TSA
hi i just stared my job but my phone bill due 12/08/2013.but i need my phone for work please help me thank you .
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sjaan   in reply to Elaine of TSA
i need money
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vangan   in reply to Elaine of TSA
Elaine I owe credit card $4700. I was paying more than min an
was laid off. Then I had a pulmonary embolism I can not stand
long all I am getting is soc. sec and small retirement. what can
I do they are call me 3 times a day.
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positive thoughts
A prayer for those who need one!
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Elaine of TSA
Thanks for sharing. This one is a keeper for sure.
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Truly one of the greatest prayers I've ever heard.
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 in response to positive thoughts...   You are welcome. It seems like a great book. Nice to have treasures from our mom's. I am glad it comforts you. I have mom's mother's Bible and I think my dad's mom's little prayer book. I have to look at book case to see if I can find them. Sorry I missed this as I was laying on the couch with leg up.
Love and hugs to you.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Starshine...   Thanks it has helped me. I don't even know where she purchased the book from but have many great treasures from her. Lots of Gods Blessings.
Love and hugs
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Thank you for sharing your mom's prayer book. This prayer is lovely. We all need to be reminded of the words in this prayer.
Many blessings to you.
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